Those Free Windows 10 Upgrades Expire Tomorrow, But Should You Take One?

Microsoft really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, so much so that it’ll interrupt weather forecasts to get you to update. Of course, you should upgrade, but if you’re on the fence, you’ll need to choose quickly because after tomorrow, it’ll cost you.

After July 29, upgrading to Windows 10 will cost you $119, although Microsoft can’t say they didn’t warn you, as the free upgrade program has been running for a solid year. It’s not because Microsoft is overly generous these days, either, as getting you on Windows 10 means your computer shares the same software as the Xbox One and your Windows phone, provided you’re one of the five people who has one. That said, Windows 10 is getting a substantial upgrade next week in the form of the Anniversary Update, which will, among other things, allow you to run another operating system over Windows.

If you have a Windows machine and want to upgrade, just follow these instructions. Most people hate and fear operating system updates, but upgrading usually patches security holes and fixes problems that might otherwise leave you vulnerable as you poke around the internet. Of course, there will still be holdouts, but if nothing else, it’s worth getting Windows 10 just to get rid of those pop-ups.

(Via The Verge)