‘Cross’ Season 1: Everything To Know So Far About The Legendary Detective Who Will Be ‘Living Rent Free’ In Your Head

Dads love James Patterson. That’s a scientific fact, and fortunately, Prime Video (Amazon) has teamed up with Patterson to beef up its roster of Dad TV. That already includes shows like Jack Ryan and its alleged spinoff and (for the weirdest dads) Outer Range. For the dads who enjoy watching brick sh*thouses outsmart the bad dudes, there’s also that force of nature called Reacher, and on a slightly less jacked note, get ready for Cross.


James Patterson’s Alex Cross is about to get a TV show that promises to stand apart from the films starring Morgan Freeman and Tyler Perry. And as Reacher has shown, audiences loves a protagonist who easily outwits bad guys, and Cross does so by climbing inside their noggins. In particular, this forensic psychologist and detective is “uniquely capable of digging into the psyches of killers and their victims, in order to identify—and ultimately capture—the murderers,” according to the show’s description. And you know that this show is serious about hammering that home because in the show’s trailer, a baddie snarls, “You’re not getting a confession. You’re not in my head.” To which Cross replies, “Oh, I’m definitely living rent free.” Boom.

Cross, of course, is a renowned character drawn by Patterson over the course of 30+ novels. Creator Ben Watkins has crafted a first season full of pulse-pounding complexity, and Amazon has so much faith in this project that they recently renewed the Original Series for a second season before the show has premiered. In a press release, Watkins celebrated:

“I am thrilled to be embarking on another chapter of Cross. Moments like this don’t happen by accident. Getting a Season 2 pick-up before our first season even drops is a huge testament and vote of confidence in the amazing work that our crew, cast, directors, writers and production team have delivered thus far. It’s also a direct result of the unwavering support bestowed upon us by Prime Video and our producing partners at Paramount TV Studios, Skydance and James Patterson Entertainment. I am grateful for all of the above and can’t wait to run it back even bigger and better.”

Additionally, Amazon MGM Studios head of TV Vernon Sanders declared that audiences should expect plenty of Aldis Hodge’s take on Cross. “Ben Watkins and his team have created something unique within the crime-thriller genre that long-time fans and newcomers alike will all enjoy,” explained Sanders. “And with over thirty novels written by Patterson featuring Alex Cross as his main protagonist, it was an easy choice to bring Cross back for a second season.”


Aldis Hodge stars as the titular Alex Cross. He will be accompanied by Isaiah Mustafa, Juanita Jennings, Alona Tal, Samantha Walkes, Jennifer Wigmore, Eloise Mumford, Ryan Eggold, Caleb Elijah, Melody Hurd, and Johnny Ray Gill.

The Season 2 cast is already coming together and includes Wes Chatham, Matthew Lillard, and Jeanine Mason.

Release Date

Somehow, Amazon hasn’t unveiled a specific release date for Cross, but expect it to drop this summer.


If a detective looked at you like this? Give it up.