The Rumored ‘Jack Ryan’ Spin Off Show (Or Movie?), ‘Rainbow Six’: Everything To Know About What Could Be Next (May 2024 Update)

Jack Ryan will likely remain forever on Amazon’s list of Best Original Shows for delivering exactly what it promises: John Krasinski in a meat-and-potatoes series adaptation of the Tom Clancy spy-thriller novels. To be perfect real also, this series also stands proud in Amazon’s Dad TV collection, for which Reacher and Outer Range are still going strong.

Krasinski famously turned in his Jack Ryan badge in 2023 after four seasons, but there is zero reason that the franchise needs to die. In fact, there have been persistent whispers that another Clancy character (who was introduced in the fourth season), Domingo “Ding” Chavez (as portrayed by Michael Peña), will be doing the honors going forward. However, that isn’t the only reported Rainbow Six project on the table in recent years. Let’s talk this out.


Well, this is awkward, but we need to first discuss those preexisting reports that a Rainbow Six movie could have happened as helmed by John Wick director Chad Stahelski. This would have been a Michael B. Jordan followup (from Paramount) with his Without Remorse character, John Clark, who was actually the predominant character in Clancy’s Rainbow Six novel (which also includes Chavez). That film was meant to land in theaters but turned into a pandemic casualty in 2021 with Paramount plopping it onto Amazon for streaming. Hollywood Reporter then relayed in January 2023 that plans existed for Jordan in a Rainbow Six-titled film, and that “Paramount intends to release Rainbow theatrically,” but “No plot details have been revealed.”

Did this project go anywhere? Not yet, and Stahelski has loads of projects in development. Those include a Ghosts Of Tsushima adaptation, but up next, Stahelski is tackling a Highlander film starring Henry Cavill. That project is part of a deal with Lionsgate “that grants him oversight over the ‘Highlander’ and ‘John Wick’ franchises across TV and film.”

So, it’s safe to say that Stahelski won’t have time for Rainbow Six for awhile, if ever, but Amazon already has a willing and ready audience for the Krasinski-Ryanverse version of Rainbow Six to exist as a TV show. Domingo Chavez is already installed into that TV world, and Deadline previously reported that Peña’s character entered Jack Ryan with “the potential spinoff [being] in early stages, with no firm concept or a script yet.” However, this character could bode well for a multiseason series, given that Chavez exists in 22 Jack Ryan Universe novels with seven titles from the core Jack Ryan book series.

Consider this, too: Domingo Chavez previously surfaced onscreen (portrayed by Raymond Cruz) in 1994’s Clear and Present Danger movie starring Harrison Ford. He’s a no-nonsese, well-traveled CIA agent who has undertaken worldwide missions and joined up with the secret counterterrorist Rainbow group in the U.K., where he became a Rainbow Six-designated executive officer. He helped finish the Krasinski characters’s final TV mission and even rescued Ryan, so perhaps Amazon really meant set him up for a spin off. However, Amazon appears to have gone radio silent on the issue, or at least, Peña wasn’t allowed to tell Collider about his lone wolf’s future plans:

“I don’t know … It’s up to the fans and up to Amazon. There are a lot of people that have to do certain things, but if people like it, maybe they’ll chime in and say, like, ‘Hey, we want some more!’ So, you know, we leave it in their hands.”

This sure is a fine mess, but the odds currently appear to be greater for a Peña-starring series rather than a Jordan-starring movie.


Michael Peña would obviously be the dude to carry on as TV’s Domingo Chavez. Presumably, John Krasinski would at least make an appearance to formally pass the baton, but from there, Amazon would have 20+ novels to choose from while planning out a show on the new leading man.

Release Date

If Amazon does greenlight this series, 2025 would be the soonest that we see this happen.


There shall be no spin off footage yet! However, here’s a look back at Domingo Chavez’s no-nonsense presence in Jack Ryan.