‘And Just Like That…’ Viewers Are Not Thrilled With How A Beloved Character Received A Seemingly Dismissive Write-Off

(And Just Like That… spoilers will be found below.)

Secret horror show And Just Like That… didn’t exactly receive praise, as it were, for killing off Mr. Big with a Peloton. Yet they did receive the next best thing from the fiasco: laughter. In contrast, HBO Max’s Sex And The City… revival did a bad thing by metaphorically knifing Steve Brady but did redeem that error this season. Yet viewers feel as though what the franchise has done to another character is neither funny nor fitting.

When it comes to the 2021 death of actor Willie Garson, his character, Stanford Blanch, received a blink-and-you-miss-it mention earlier this season but finally received some explanation of why his character hasn’t appeared again on the show. The writers chose not to kill Stanford off but instead had him run off to join a monastery? Yes, they did. Not only that, but they dropped this tidbit in with a jarring delivery, also after viewers are probably feeling like they have whiplash from Carrie wondering “if Big was a big mistake” and deciding that she should give up everything for Aidan.

That last one is mind-bogging. Aidan and Carrie broke up twice and for good reason, yet she is cool with selling her Carrie Pad and essentially giving up her personality in the process. This was very reminiscent of how she ran off to France to be with Mikhail Baryshnikov’s character and decided that she only had room for a pashmina or her laptop and chose the pashmina. Ugh.

The Stanford treatment is especially bizarre. During a conversation between Anthony and Carrie, Stanford’s new Shinto monk ways are introduced.

This caused one person to wonder whether this revival’s “writers ever watched an episode of Sex and the City?!” Let’s just say that viewers are not into this “unnecessary” and unneeded “closure” for Stanford.

And Just Like That…‘s second season finale is on the way on Max.