‘And Just Like That…,’ A Post-Breakup ‘Revenge Bod’ Gave Steve Brady Fans A Reason To Dig ‘Sex And The City’ Again

(And Just Like That… spoilers will be found below.)

People are watching And Just Like That… even if they’re not universally loving it (as suggested by the 30% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes), given what it’s done to some Sex And The City characters. This includes Miranda Hobbes, who is a shadow of her former ass-kicking-attorney self while following Che Diaz to the ends of the U.S. and essentially doing nothing but losing her phone on the beach while Che Diaz tries to be great. And mind you, I kind-of enjoyed Che as a character and how they didn’t care about being liked. Yet a little bit of them goes a long way, and man, there’s a lot of Che Diaz in Season 2.

On a related note, what the show did to Steve was one of several reasons why I semi-jokingly likened Season 1 of the spinoff to a secret horror show. “Aw, geez, poor freaking Steve Brady” was how I non-eloquently described the situation, but Steve might be living his best life now.

This is an improvement because the Steve situation was not great. He was suddenly a shouty mess and pathetic doofus. Still, his biggest offense was to kill Miranda’s sex drive by washing his hands in order to avoid giving her a UTI. As well, he was newly partially deaf (the affliction found inspiration from David Eigenberg’s real-life experience, though the execution was not kind), and this apparently made him annoying. Mind you, he was still the same stand-up guy who will deftly take apart plumbing to rescue Carrie’s ring. He was relegated to, as I previously wrote, being that horror movie character who “would have been the first character knifed by a serial killer, right after he dutifully and thanklessly set up everyone’s tents in the woods.”

Well this week, the writers finally let Steve Brady have his day in the sun. As Decider’s Meghan O’Keefe has aptly phrased things, Steve is now the displayer of a “Revenge Bod.” I think people liked it, too.

The bod was always there, most likely, just hidden away well. Yet the shirtless aspect is now happening while Che and Miranda’s relationship is starting to disintegrate. Please please please do not let Steve take Miranda back again. He deserves to be treated so much better! Dang it, now I’m all invested in this show again. Nice work, HBO Max.

And Just Like That…‘s second season is currently progressing on Max.