Antony Starr Heartily Disagrees With Jack Quaid On Who Would Be Standing After A ‘Homelander Vs. Superman’ Fight

Jack Quaid voices Clark Kent/Superman in Adult Swim’s My Adventures With Superman series. He also portrays Hughie on The Boys, which will soon return for a fourth season of rip-roaring Kimiko action and f*cked-up Homelander shenanigans. And that sets the stage for a very nerdy difference of opinion between Quaid and Antony Starr, who appears to have a healthy sense of humor about portraying Homelander, and that’s probably necessary to embody such an abhorrent being. Starr does give Homelander credit for his own (loathsome) self-preservation tactics, and that’s why he wasn’t afraid to contradict Jack Quaid’s take on a Superman Vs. Homelander hypothetical.

Screenrant recently spoke with both actors, and Quaid of course stuck up for Superman in a fight, but in response, Starr insisted that “Homie” would manage to throw down and win in the worst way:

“Oh, really? Is that what he thinks? Here’s why Homelander would kick Superman’s ass. There’s no Kryptonite factor, and Homie would fight so dirty. He’s the [type to go], ‘Oh, you got me!’ as he goes down and then comes up and throws sand in your eyes. He’s a dirty dude, man. Whereas Superman is always like, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that. Oh, there’s innocent children that might get hurt.’ Homie’s going to human shield himself with the kids.”

Them’s fighting words, and that’s fun. Social media, however, does not believe that Homelander’s laser eyes are any match for Superman’s sheer strength. Naturally, the argument is being taken far too seriously, and it’s not as though we will ever actually find out the answer to this question, since WBD and Amazon probably will never agree to a crossover. Has somebody asked James Gunn about his opinion, though? Feels like that’s the next natural step here.

The Boys‘ fourth season debuts on June 13.

(Via Screenrant)