‘F*ck My Life’: Antony Starr Did *Not* Seem To Enjoy That Sky-High Stunt Work Before His ‘Gen V’ Landing

The Gen V season finale included a villainously pleasant visit from Antony Starr’s Homelander, who did so much in less than one minute while stealing the show. That was always the danger with bringing The Boys‘ baddest supe onboard, but it worked incredibly well with the final minutes of this Gen V season.

Again, Starr was onscreen for slightly less than a minute, but of course, there’s always much more work behind the scenes, and in this case, that meant Homelander being hoisted high into the air before coming in for a landing. Wait, Starr has done this before, right? Actually, someone is heard in the background of the below clip remarking, “He normally just lands.” So, this was a different plan than usual, perhaps because Homelander descended amid off-kilter patriotic music, and he needed to really make an entrance.

Whatever the case, Starr did not enjoy dangling so far above solid ground. Here’s how he narrated the experience:

“Hahahaha, f*ck off.

“Haha, f*ck off.



“F*ck my life.

“F*ck this.

“F*ck off.

“F*cking c*nts.

“Holy sh*t. Okay, please. That’s good.”

[Deep breathing]

Now, here he goes into the sky. Yikes…

Not fun! Not only that, but as showrunner Eric Kripke revealed, Starr actually did this cameo on his day off from shooting The Boys Season 4 and without any additional pay. In other words, I’m standing by my previous statement: “Whatever the guy is receiving for a paycheck, it isn’t enough.”

Gen V‘s first season and The Boys first three seasons are currently streaming on Amazon.