Let NoHo Hank Recap Everything You Might Have Forgotten About ‘Barry’ Before The Season 3 Premiere

Hey you. Yes, you. Guess what? Barry is almost back!

Bill Hader’s dark comedy returns for season three after a nearly three-year break this Sunday, which is excellent news for a) people who love good shows, and b) fans of NoHo Hank. Everyone’s favorite bald Chechen mobster is (with all due respect to Hader, Henry Winkler, Sarah Goldberg, and Stephen Root, who are all wonderful) Barry‘s secret weapon. So, it was a smart choice to have NoHo Hank, played by Anthony Carrigan, recap the first two seasons ahead of the season three premiere.

“It’s me, NoHo Hank. I know, long time no see. Totes my fault, OK? And I know you’re probably pretty psyched to see what Barry and I are getting up to, but in meantime, let me refresh your memory on all the beefs that has happened so far,” he says in the video above. After explaining the premise of Barry (“If you cannot remember that, then like why even watch the show?”), NoHo Hank blasts through the plot of season one and two, including the season two finale, where Barry goes on a murder rampage at NoHo Hank’s safe house. “Just classic one of my misadventures,” NoHo Hank pipes in, cheerfully.

Barry season three premieres this Sunday, April 24, on HBO. For much more, read our interviews with Bill Hader and Henry Winkler (yes, the fish photos come up).