HBO’s ‘Barry’ Has A Secret Weapon, And His Name Is Noho Hank



It’s important to remember that none of this happens without Noho Hank. Nothing in the first season of Barry, not our deeply troubled assassin catching the acting bug, not the relationship between Barry and Sally, not the doomed relationship between Gene and Janice, none of it happens without Noho Hank and his godforsaken lipstick camera.

Go back to the premiere and see for yourself. Hank (Anthony Carrigan) made the recording of Goran’s wife with Ryan (the personal trainer who was in the acting class Barry joined), Hank brought Barry in to kill Ryan, and Hank — my dear, sweet, dimwitted Chechen man — brought the lipstick camera to the shootout with Barry when everything went left. That’s how Barry got tangled up with the Chechen mob, the acting class, and the cops. Because of Noho Hank. Without him, Barry is just a show about a depressed hitman who lives in Cleveland and just gets more depressed as time goes on. And, I mean, that could be a show, too, I guess. A very different show. One that is probably not as good as the show Barry has become. My point here is that, if you enjoy Barry, you have Noho Hank to thank for it.

(I suppose, if we’re being very technical about all of this, you could backtrack it even further and say you have Ryan the Trainer to thank for the show because his affair led to Hank making the recording. But if you do that, where do you stop? Do we have to credit Ryan’s fictional parents for conceiving him? Do we credit Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers for creating the America the show takes place in? A line has to be drawn somewhere to prevent us all from going insane. Plus, I really wanted to write about Noho Hank. So here we are.)

So that’s one point in Noho Hank’s favor. Here’s another:


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