Bill Hader Tells Seth Meyers What John Mulaney Whispered In His Ear During Stefon’s Return On ‘SNL’

Bill Hader followed his hosting appearance on SNL this past Saturday with a nice chat with Seth Meyers on Monday. The two SNL pals talked a bit about Hader’s new HBO series Barry and a few behind-the-scenes details of this week’s more memorable SNL sketches. The most interesting is the chat about Stefon and its nod to Meyer’s own “A Closer Look” segments, keeping his connection to the character alive despite his physical absence from the show.

Hader also revealed exactly what John Mulaney whispered in his ear during his short appearance to make him crack up. Much like the actual lines Mulaney writes for Stefon during his many appearances, it turns out it was just another random reference, this time to Yoshinoya Beef Bowl in LA. It was enough to make Hader crack up again along with Meyers, which just kinda shows the way it really just humors them and they managed to bend it into something enjoyable for the entire audience.

They also chat about Hader’s old man sketch, noting how the network censors would not allow any simulated sex to make it on the air. That’s why Hader was so stiff and relied heavily on the wheelchair he was in, leading to the hilarious moment at the end where he pushes Melissa Villasenor and the entire table across the room. Turns out it wasn’t intentional and they just rolled with it.

Elsewhere in the interview, both chat a bit about Barry and the peculiar way people pronounce the name depending on where you are in the country. Hader also shares a story about Henry Winkler and how he really shed his nice guy image to play a complete assh*le for the show.

(Via Late Night)