The Ladies Of ‘SNL’ Fight Off Breaking While Dealing With Bill Hader Playing A Very Sexual Old Man

Bill Hader has always been one of those performers on SNL that can seemingly do anything, much like Will Ferrell or Phil Hartman. He’s definitely more of a Ferrell, though, especially when it comes to sketches like this. He doesn’t have to do too much to really bring about the laugh, looking ridiculous as an old man who is trying to conceive a child with his young bride in the middle of their game night. That’s enough for a decent sketch, but it seems like Hader is ready to push the ridiculousness to another level by being liberal with his motorized wheelchair.

He doesn’t seem to have any qualms about running into the snack table and then using his momentum to aid in the lovemaking with his lady love. It’s basically just building pressure until one of them busts out laughing. While Cecily Strong is the one who is battling with it the most throughout the sketch, it’s actually Melissa Villasenor who breaks most. But she can’t really help it because Hader basically runs directly into her and pushes her along with the table. Hader is next, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Hader breaking is typically just the way it is during most SNL appearances, but he gets a pass because he’s just good every other moment of the show. It’s another reason he’s more Ferrell than Hartman while remaining in both conversations as the greatest castmember of all time.

(Via SNL)