Bill Hader’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Was Re-Written Last Minute With Some Help From John Mulaney And Lorne Michaels

Bill Hader revealed some of the fun bits from his Saturday Night Live appearance this past weekend during Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday, but he apparently wasn’t finished. He also had a few tidbits to share when he got to Conan on Tuesday. This time it had to do with his monologue, explaining a bit about how it ended abruptly and why it just seemed like an afterthought.

Then again, as Conan reveals, the monologue is the final thing that comes together during the week and is usually a thing that’s tossed in the corner until the very last moment. Hader seemed to run into a similar issue and then ended up having to ditch the original idea for the open, scrambling right before the show started to get it finished with John Mulaney and Lorne Michaels. Mulaney was the random hero of Hader’s SNL, not only did he drop in on that great Stefon segment during Weekend Update but he also wrote the monologue and helped to rewrite it when the clock was ticking.

But Lorne Michaels was the real savior of the monologue, telling Hader to just thank his kids before the end.

“When in doubt, you know, say hi to your kids.”

Hader took the advice and it worked perfectly, even if the kids didn’t seem too pleased by it. They also weren’t pleased by Hader’s career basically devolving to him laughing on national television for a paycheck.

Hader also shared a bit more about Barry with Conan, this time addressing the entire process it took to prepare and convince HBO to make the show. This includes learning how to shoot a gun the right way without cringing or trying to shield himself from the gunfire. You can’t really be a hitman at a convincing level when you’re still afraid of the sound the gun makes when you pull the trigger. Won’t go well.

(Via Team Coco)