An Additional Segment Of Bill Maher’s Long-Running HBO Show Will Soon Air On CNN On Friday Nights

Ever since Warner Bros. and Discovery merged in April 2022, the dozens of TV channels those brands own — and the hundreds of shows that air on them — have been in a state of flux. HBO has been one of the most famously hit properties, with beloved (and, yes, popular — or at least thought to be) shows like Westworld, Minx, and Los Espookys being cancelled, seemingly out of nowhere. Hell, even FBOY Island got the ax! So while there have been many losers as a result of this merger (including fans of those shows that now cease to exist), it seems the big winner in all of this is Bill Maher.

As TheStreet reports, the polarizing politico and comedian, who has been hosting HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher for 20 years now (it premiered in February 2003), is about to get even more airtime. The show’s “Overtime” segment, a more casual conversation between the host and his guests that generally continues after the filmed segment has ended and sees them talking about everything from politics to pop culture, will land a spot on CNN’s widening calendar on Friday nights, airing each week at 11:30 p.m.

As for the network’s relationship with Maher, CNN announced the programming news in a press release, which stated:

“Maher headlined his first special on HBO in 1989 and has starred in 12 HBO solo specials to date. Recognized as having the ability to ‘consistently get people talking’ and an ‘eclectic guest list,’ Maher’s Overtime joins several other recent partnerships between HBO and CNN.”

And we won’t have to wait long to watch it. Overtime will start its CNN run on Friday, February 3.

(Via TheStreet)