HBO Max’s ‘FBoy Island’ Takes The ‘Hot Idiots At The Beach’ Dating Show To Staggering New Lows And/Or Highs

There are plenty of absurd dating shows in paradise to watch these days, with the Bachelor franchise dipping into that aesthetic yearly and Too Hot To Handle horning it up on Netflix. But HBO Max wants in on the mix, which is why they sent Nikki Glaser to paradise with a bunch of dudes to film FBoy Island.

We now have a trailer for FBoy Island, and boy does it live up to the expectations the subject matter requires these days. There are hunky dudes in swim trunks, eligible ladies picking between them, and a “twist” of sorts: some of these guys are nice, while the other ones aren’t nearly as nice!

“He’s really cute but he looks like he’s going to ruin my life,” one of the three women tasked with nice guy-hunting says at one point.

There’s lots of fella footage here while Lizzo’s “Boys” fittingly plays in the background. And while there’s a montage of guys saying “bro” and astute observations like “he looks like a guy that has two phones” there’s also a brief clip of a man apparently smashing a mango, or some sort of stone fruit, with just his bicep.


I mean, what more do you really need to see here? Sure, there’s a cash prize on the line, which means deception and what will almost certainly be a thorough exploration of who is Here For The Right Reasons. But if we’re going to see fruit explode due to muscle twitches in the trailer, the sky’s the limit to the shenanigans here.

FBoy Island starts streaming on HBO Max on July 29.