‘The Boys’ Is Trolling HBO Max For Deleting Shows And Movies Amid The Ongoing Warner Bros. Discovery Shakeup

HBO Max is home to so many of the best shows on streaming, yet sadly, a lot of the streaming service’s shows are being pulled as the Warner Bros. Discovery merger continues to take shape. The outcome is almost as bizarre as trashing the completed Batgirl movie (and depriving the world of a Brendan Fraser performance), but the list of cancelled and/or removed shows includes some rather surprising titles. For one thing, the homicidal robots of Westworld will no longer visit (or leave) their theme park, and Amazon’s The Boys is not missing a chance to swing at their rival.

This sounds like a total Homelander move, all while fans are still worried over what to expect for the future of, say, Doom Patrol. However, not all tortured Supes are on the line. The Boys seems to be increasingly solid as the show progresses, and their Compound V maker, Vought International, is here with some trolling. In a tweet, Vought announced that they’re slicing services while not slicing prices. In fact, that price might be going up, which could be a swing at Hulu, which recently hiked package prices, albeit without massive content removal.

“To begin 2023, we’re proud to unveil the most effective restructuring in entertainment history. Vought++ is now Vought+ again!” reads the satiric tweet. “We’ve unbundled your favorite apps like VTV+ and VSPN+, and eliminated 35% of our films. All for the new low price of $119/month, plus!”

Booooo. Don’t worry, though. The Boys actually has some better news in another recent tweet: “Frenchie says he’s makin’ it to Herogasm next year”

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