Bob Saget Tweeted And Deleted An Awkward Joke During Lori Loughlin’s Court Appearance

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Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman both showed up to court on Wednesday over Operation Varsity Blues, the ivy league admissions scheme for which they were indicted. Each actress could face up to five years behind bars, even if they choose to take a plea deal. In a Boston federal courtroom, both Loughlin and Huffman waived their right to a preliminary hearing, and they also did not perform any outward plea deal bargaining. No more clues were offered on whether they’re choosing to forge ahead into trial mode, but CBS News reports that they must continue their bail conditions, including an limited ability to travel and an inability to possess firearms.

While all of this went down, Loughlin’s Fuller House co-star, Bob Saget, tweeted and later deleted an awkward (and at the very least, ill-timed) joke. “So many people are lying these days,” he offered on Twitter. “Maybe they should change the tests in school to false or false.” The tweet is obviously gone now, but the Daily Mail captured this screenshot:

Via Bob Saget on Twitter

Oof. Well, Saget’s known for his sometimes questionable quips (that at times uncomfortably swivel from classic “dad jokes” to a more profane variety). God only knows what he was doing here by tweeting about “lying” in a school-related context after Loughlin allegedly cheated her daughters into USC.

Multiple Fuller House co-stars (Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber) have stood by Aunt Becky during this admission scheme’s fallout. Until now, Saget has refrained from commenting directly on the subject, but he did tell TMZ last month that he loves Loughlin, and “life’s complicated.”

Saget may have attempted to clarify his (lack of) intentions. Late on Wednesday evening, he tweeted, “So many things I say get misconscrewed.”

Via Bob Saget on Twitter

Maybe he should step away from the tweet button?

(Via CBS News & TMZ)