Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere

11.24.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

I’m a frequent and vocal opponent of nostalgia, especially for craphole decades like the ’90s. But I’m powerless to resist my absolute favorite theme song from the Disney Afternoon: that of “The Gummi Bears” (suck it, “Duck Tales”).

In the “Late Night” video below, Jimmy Fallon introduces a gummi berry juice-swilling Tummi Gummi, who launches into a soulful rendition of the song. I love it, and I hate myself for loving it. Stupid nostalgia. Now I have to go through my 1990s anti-nostalgia chant: “flannel shirts and AIDS… flannel shirts and AIDS… Zubaz, Rwanda, dial-up Internet!” Phew. Much better.

[NY Mag]

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