What’s Going On With The Bees In Bridgerton?

(Spoilers for Bridgerton, including Season 2, will be found below.)

It’s almost go-time for the second Bridgerton season, and there will be Lady Whistledown’s gossip aplenty along with a new principal romance, and over all, this batch of episodes will please fans, even without Regé-Jean Page’s Duke in sight. There’s a huge Season 1 easter egg that must be discussed, though, and it gives clues for Season 2, so if you want to (totally) avoid what’s coming next, please click away.

Yup, click away if you want no clues from Julia Quinn’s books.

Alright, let’s talk about the bees of Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Bee

These little buzzing critters are seen on occasion (like, for example, on a door knocker) in the first season, as above, during the final moments when the camera panned to this ^^^^ windowsill after Daphne and Duke Simon welcomed their first child into the world. This has to do with Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), who’s the male lead of Season 2. Before this scene, we saw Anthony telling Daphne and Simon how he didn’t really see himself marrying for love but, instead, for duty.

This gives us a heads-up that Anthony is one stressed out dude. He’s essentially the Bridgerton patriarch before his time, and this is the case because of a damned bee. What gives?

According to Julia Quinn’s books, Anthony is deathly afraid of bees and is actually traumatized by them. That’s because his father died from a bee sting, and that had everything to do with shaping the person that he is today. Season 2 goes into the before-and-after of the bees’ insertion into Anthony’s life. His fears affect his search for love and how he prioritizes within life, and they cause him to make assumptions about how life should be lived. All of that gets knocked out of the water when Kate and Edwina Sharma surface for courting season.

In short, Anthony’s life will never be the same, and nope, the bees are not gone forever. Soon, you can see it all unfold on your streaming device.

‘Bridgerton’ returns to Netflix on March 25.