Congratulations To Ryan Reynolds On Becoming The King Of Netflix

Netflix has only been making original movies since 2015, and while they’ve attracted the likes of Adam Sandler, Sandra Bullock, and Mark Wahlberg, one star has reigned above them all: Ryan Reynolds. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the streamer recently updated their list of 10 most popular Netflix films, and Reynolds is in three of them — more than any other performer.

Netflix recently dropped The Adam Project, the sci-fi adventure starring Reynolds as a time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self to save the future. It was a big hit, quickly cracking the top 10, which is based on how many hours each film has been viewed in their first 28 days. Worth noting: The film was released only two-and-a-half weeks ago, meaning it cracked the list but quick. (Also worth nothing: Netflix doesn’t release actual data and their claims can’t be verified by others, so take all this with a quarry of salt.)

The other two Reynolds movies that Netflix subscribers watched in droves: 6 Underground, their Michael Bay action movie, and Red Notice, in which the star was joined by Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. The latter is (allegedly!) the most-watched Netflix original film ever, with Don’t Look Up not far behind. Bullock, meanwhile, appears to be Netflix’s number two star, with Bird Box and The Unforgivable wrangling in the streams. Meanwhile, Marvel villain Martin Scorsese has the sixth-most watched Netflix film, The Irishman, which has the benefit of being over an hour longer than most of the streamer’s films.

You can see the Netflix Top 10 (and the hours each has been watched) below. Meanwhile, all hail Ryan Reynolds, king of Netflix.

1. Red Notice, 364 million hours
2. Don’t Look Up, 359.8 million
3. Bird Box, 282 million
4. Extraction, 231.3 million
5. The Unforgivable, 214.7 million
6. The Irishman, 214.6 million
7. The Adam Project, 209.7 million
8. The Kissing Booth 2, 209.3 million
9. 6 Underground, 205.5 million
10. Spencer Confidential, 197.3 million

(Via THR)