‘Better Call Saul’ Went To Great Lengths To Keep The Big ‘Breaking Bad’ Cameos A Secret (Until They Were Spoiled)

If IMDb is to be believed, Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will make their Better Call Saul debut soon. It’s a long time coming: way back in 2016, which feels like it was 47 years ago, Cranston mentioned that he visited the set and told creator Vince Gilligan, “If you want me to be on the show, I’ll be there in a second.” That time has arrived — and it came with Game of Thrones-level security (minus the drone killer).

“We were asked to keep it a secret forever,” Cranston told the Albuquerque Journal. “We were flown in under the darkness of night. We took this plane and they went to a certain private section of the airport there. And then we took like two steps out of the tarmac and into an SUV. They move us to an Airbnb – a duplex. He had the top floor. I had the bottom floor and we were told you can’t leave.” Cranston and Paul were in town for four days; they stayed in the Airbnb the entire time, minus when they were needed on set.

The stealth was all for naught, however, because co-creator Peter Gould spoiled the cameos earlier this year. “It’s so funny that because this was supposed to be a big surprise, a big secret,” Paul said. “Then all of a sudden they announced that we were doing it, so why did they keep us in a prison? Seriously, they were just messing with us.”

Walter White is the one who knocks. Gould is the one who spoils.

(Via the Albuquerque Journal)