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Man, who else is looking forward to TWO WHOLE DAYS of no Conan news this weekend? I love the guy, but I’m really looking forward to this whole thing being over… and according to The Daily Beast, it will be soon. O’Brien will receive an undisclosed buyout, and — contrary to Jeff Zucker’s threats — will be able to work for another network as soon as he likes.

In other “Tonight Show” news that people are talking about, Conan put the show up for sale on Craigslist (video here), and he also addressed the offer he received to appear in a porn. There are some pretty good porn titles in his list, but I’m disappointed that they went with “Crammin’ O’Brien” when “Bonin’ or Cryin'” would have been so much better.

And just for fun — and because I’m running out of cats and dogs to Photoshop into my stock Conan O’Brien picture — above is an old clip from “Late Night” where Conan & friends play Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused” that includes an awesome dream sequence in which Conan kills George Plimpton. And thank goodness for this YouTube commenter:

There’s no way andy is actually playing this, his hand positions are totally wrong, his right hand rhythms are way off time and he’s not even fretting the easy single string notes during the verse. If you’ve ever played guitar, its easy to see that this is all synch performing. awesome on Conan and talent shows, but not real.

Oh, so Andy Richter isn’t one of the best guitar players on Earth? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Also, for good measure, Led Zep’s version:

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