‘The Daily Show’ Might Take A Page From ‘Jeopardy!’ And Simply Replace Trevor Noah With Multiple Hosts

Things must be a little awkward over at The Daily Show HQ these days. Not only is the show’s host of seven years skedaddling — and a little earlier than expected — but there’s talk that highers-up might replace him with someone in-house. But which correspondent? And wouldn’t that pit all of them against each other? But according to a new report, they might go with a simpler solution, if one reminiscent of Jeopardy! and the most recent Oscars.

As per Deadline, instead of picking one correspondent to replace the departing Noah, they may replace him with two. Or maybe three. Sources claim one idea is to have emcee duties go to Roy Wood Jr. and Desi Lydic. Or maybe they’ll go with another combination. After all, there’s also Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, and Dulcé Sloan. That’s to say nothing of daredevil traveler Jordan Klepper, who may want to stop putting himself in the harm’s way that is hanging with Trump supporters.

Having multiple hosts isn’t that unusual. SNL’s Weekend Update has been doing it for ages, to great acclaim. Besides, if one (or both) of the hosts is a woman, then they would be the most high-profile woman in late-night TV now that Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has been given the axe. (Although some just think they should bring Bee back.)

But for now, no final decisions have been made. They still have a little bit of time: Noah’s final show isn’t scheduled until December 8, after which the show won’t return until January 17.

(Via Deadline)