What Backstory Can We Expect From ‘John Wick’ Spinoff Series ‘The Continental’?

There is, in theory, no such thing as too much John Wick. The same can also be applied to Keanu Reeves, but that is a whole separate blog. There is nothing that can make John Wick stop (unless Reeves himself decides he needs a little break in which case that’s what he deserves). But John Wick, as a concept and entity, is forever. And the universe is expanding with the upcoming John Wick 4 and the introduction of The Continental, the upcoming series based on the hit franchise.

The Continental has been in development for quite some time, but now that the Wick Machine is back up and running, the series is finally expected to hit streaming later this year. But what can we expect from the show? Probably not Keanu Reeves (sorry) but his essence will still be there!

The series, which will be released on Peacock, will work as a prequel to Wick’s storyline. Set in 1970s New York City, which is historically not the best or safest place to be in, The Continental will show to humble beginnings of the infamous hotel where all of the well-dressed assassins come to get a good night’s sleep.

Colin Woodell will portray a young Winston (who is played by Ian McShane in the film series) who is just learning about the ins and outs of rubbing elbows with the most dangerous men and women on the planet. Ayomide Adegun, Ben Robson, Jessica Allain, Mishel Prada, and Nhung Kate will also star. Of course, the biggest name on the bill is Mel Gibson, who will play a mysterious character named Cormac. This will be Gibson’s first TV credit since appearing as a cop on Complete Savages in 2004. The man has had a long and tumultuous career.

Kevin Beggs, Lionsgate Television chairman, told Deadline in 2021 that the series would lay the foundation of the movie series. “What we’re exploring in The Continental is the young Winston and how it came to be that he and his team of confederates found their way into this hotel which we have met for the first time in the movie franchise 40 years later,” Beggs said as the time. “That’s the arena. I won’t give away more than that, but Starz really leaned into this take also, and they have been great collaborators. And how we’ve approached this first season is as three essentially 90-minute events which you could construe as a limited series or a limited event series.”

As for when we will get to see the violent crew of The Continental, there has been no release date set, but hopefully, with the John Wick 4 momentum, we will be checking in soon. With a dog.