Was ‘Euphoria’ Renewed For Season 3?

The second season of HBO’s hit series Euphoria came to its dramatic conclusion last night, and even HBO Max couldn’t keep up. After weeks of ups and downs, viewers finally got some closure, particularly from Rue’s storyline. But could that be the end for the Euphoria teens? As you’ve probably guessed, no, it’s not.

A third season was recently ordered by HBO, though it likely won’t premiere until late next year or even 2024. There was a long gap between the first and second season due to COVID, so perhaps the new season will get started on production earlier rather than later. But, there are a few things to consider.

First, there were some rumors and reports of a toxic work environment behind the scenes, with showrunner Sam Levinson not being as, uh, prepared as he’s supposed to be. Reports stated that the creator often came to set without a complete script, forcing the cast and crew to work long days. That, paired with a main cast member Barbie Ferreira walking out could cause some tension between the cast and crew. Maybe Levinson needs some more time to actually complete the script.

Another factor that might affect season three is the rising careers of most of the cast, specifically Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, who have both taken on major projects over the past few months, which will likely shoot this year. The show probably wouldn’t go on without them, so they might have to postpone and schedule the season around them.

The show is insanely popular, so it’s safe to say the next season will be just as hyped up when it happens…eventually.