Every Bieber Scene from 'CSI'

09.24.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

“CSI” returned last night to slightly lower ratings (down 17% from last year, perhaps there is a God) despite a guest appearance by Justin Bieber. In case you missed his tour de force performance in the scene I posted last week, don’t worry, because I’ve got every line he uttered last night in the video below. Watch out, Daniel Day-Lewis!  TV Squad says…

Remember: If you liked his performance, his character’s story isn’t over yet — he’ll be back on the show in February 2011. So good or bad, there’s more Bieber on the way.

I think it’s nice of them to pretend that Bieber’s acting might be interpreted as “good.” A more honest sentence might be, “Whether you think it’s the worst performance of all time or merely terrible, there’s more Bieber on the way.”

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