The ‘Ted Lasso’ Cast Takes Shots For The Queen While Brian Cox Takes A ‘Succession’ Buzzfeed Quiz On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

The Emmys are a great place to get a ton of celebrities together in one room and interview them about anything, mostly because the ceremony is so chaotic that they really don’t have a choice. After this year’s winners were ushered off the stage, they were invited to sit down with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live for a Back-To-Back interview that turned into a drinking game.

Guillermo spoke to a handful of Emmy winners including Julia Garner, Michael Keaton, and Sheryl Lee Ralph, who sang him a custom song. Guillermo then tricked Garner into taking a shot of tequila by offering her a booster shot of the monkeypox vaccine (2022 is wild). “I feel everything disinfecting everything inside,” Garner explains after her shot. The Squid Game crew was the next group to take shots, which Guillermo refers to as “American Hospitality!” And he’s right!

Meanwhile, Brett Goldstein was offered a “cup of tea” to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II, which, surprise surprise, was also tequila. The rest of the Ted Lasso cast also took “Mexican Tea” shots out of teacups, which is what the Queen would have wanted!

John Oliver was also offered a cup of “tea-quila” though he wasn’t a fan. “Cheers. No better way to start the day,” Oliver said before his shot. “I think that’s what the queen had in the morning. May she rest in peace. Pour one out for the Queen.”

Finally, Guillermo would never try to trick Brian Cox, so he just had him take a Buzzfeed quiz titled “Which Succession Character Are You.” He got Tom. “It’s total F*cking b*llshit, quite frankly,” Cox exclaimed. “It’s such a waste of time and energy coming here and doing this piece of sh*t. Anyway, I’m delighted to be here.” A very Logan Roy sentiment.

Check out the clip above.