08.04.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

David Duchovny is on a one way trip to stranglebation-ville. This guy is such a raging sex addict it is amazing he can still get pants on. But despite having gone to rehab for his problem, he continues to make “Californiacation”, a show about a dude who bones down. With everyone.

I really liked “Californication”‘s first season. There were lots of breasts, a writer was portrayed as a sexual virtuoso and it had the female love interest from The Truman Show! I mean, that’s a trifecta! But as season two wore on, it became clear the show wasn’t really about his relationship with his baby’s momma, or his daughter or his agent or writing. It was about rutting, plain and simple.

Now the third season is getting ready to come (a thank you) and it looks like more of the same. Hank Moody, will you ever learn? Even Sandy Cohen is calling you an a-hole!

This show is the equivelant of giving David Hasselhoff a show where he is a wine connoiseur and spends every episode drinking fine chiantis and having witty conversation while being totally classy. I am not upset with Mr. Duchovny, I just want this all to stop before he is found hanging from a solo-flex, pants around ankles, Mulder Jr. in hand and an unbitten lemon wedge just out of reach.


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