How Many Episodes Are In ‘Outer Range’ Season 2?

Amazon has been crushing the Original Series game with a vengeance. Their Tuesday Upfront event revealed information on the next Mr. & Mrs. Smith season as well as a peek at the new The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power season, and of course, there’s much more on the way soon. The sort-of sad news is that Reacher will not return until 2025.

However, there’s no reason to be upset for more than a few moments. The Boys returns in June, and before that happens, a truly hypnotizing series, Outer Range, comes back with Josh Brolin as a time-traveling rancher in a series that defies concise explanation. Royal Abbott will soon return to screens, so you might be wondering how much of him (and fam) that we will receive.

How Many Episodes Are In ‘Outer Range’ Season 2?

Unlike the series itself, there’s a very simple answer: 7 episodes.

Rest assured, however, that the second season is as jam-packed with mystical moments as its predecessor was in 8 episodes. Also, Brolin decided to get nude while promoting the new season, so you know that he’s very excited.

With that said, answers still remain on the following questions: Who is Autumn, really? Will anyone ever see Perry Abbott again after he dove into the void? And will Deputy Sheriff Joy ever receive the respect that she deserves?

Hopefully, the truth will unfold when Outer Range returns to Prime Video (Amazon) on May 16.