Hulk Hogan Suing Cocoa Pebbles

05.26.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

Hulk Hogan is suing Cocoa Puffs Pebbles over the commercial seen here, in which a blond wrestler named “Hulk Boulder” is defeated by Bamm-Bamm from “The Flintstones.” Frankly, I don’t see the resemblance: the cartoon wrestler has a full head of hair and seems to be in his prime.

Hulk, the federal lawsuit states, “is shown humiliated and cracked into pieces with broken teeth, with the closing banner, ‘Little Pieces…BIG TASTE!'”

The commercial character goes by the name “Hulk Boulder,” which Hogan’s lawsuit says is a name he used early in his career until wrestling promoter Vince McMahon decided he should have an Irish name. The lawsuit says Post Foods never sought or received Hogan’s permission to use his likeness to promote the cereal. Hogan says he raised his objections with Post in August, but the ads continued. [TBO]

Lawsuits that aren’t about sex are boring to me, so I don’t care. But I did enjoy this example of how awesome Hulk Hogan’s life is in the aftermath of his divorce and declining physical shape:

Hogan says he is marketing his own products, including the Hogan Energy drink and Hulkster Burgers, a line of microwaveable hamburgers and chicken sandwiches sold at Walmart.

Oof. Based on that sentence alone, I hope Post settles the lawsuit with Hogan. They can write it off as a charitable donation.

[via The Sugar Sheet]

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