Jim and Pam married in real life, real life starting to go downhill

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.12.10 7 Comments

The Office star John Krasinski married actress Emily Blunt in a private cermony at the Villa D’este in Como, Italy, on Saturday.  “It was an outdoor ceremony and absolutely beautiful,” says an insider.  “It was an official ceremony. They are husband and wife,” adds a source.  Those last two sentences are quoted verbatim from Us Magazine, who totally didn’t have a source at the ceremony and just took the vaguest possible guess at how a wedding would work.

Krasinski’s marriage is expected to be great for the first few years, but drag on for a while after everyone has lost interest.   The union comes exactly one week after the marriage of his on-screen wife Jenna Fischer to writer Lee Kirk.  Neither wedding was as good as the 2006 wedding of Lucy Davis to Welsh actor Owain Yeoman.

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