Weatherman Brad Pitt Offered ‘The Jim Jefferies Show’ A Depressing Forecast About Climate Change

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06.07.17 5 Comments

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies isn’t shy about voicing his opinion on everything from America’s fascination with guns to human fecal sample Piers Morgan. Hence why Comedy Central deemed him worth of his own late night program, The Jim Jefferies Show, which premiered Tuesday night. The first episode didn’t disappoint in offering plenty of designed-to-shock jokes and segments about slavery, blackface and — of course — Donald Trump. Yet it was the half hour’s concluding bit that drew the most attention come Wednesday morning.

“The world is still grappling with Trump withdrawing from the Paris accord,” Jefferies said of last week’s monumental climate change news. “We wanted to address it one more time before we say goodnight. To help us understand climate change and what it means to the world, here’s our own Jim Jefferies Show weatherman.” Cue War Machine star Brad Pitt, who gestured to a large graphic of the planet featuring various levels of yellow, orange and red colors indicating global rising temperatures. “Things are going to be getting warming in this area here,” he said, “and this area here.”

Feeling better? Judging by Jefferies’ deadpan face, the host apparently wasn’t. Then again, judging by the current state of things political, environmental and otherwise, the comic’s dour conclusion to the premiere shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, the show’s faux meteorologist offered everyone a final nugget of a forecast for the days and years ahead: “There is no future.” Brad Pitt is a terrible weatherman.

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