Jimmy Kimmel Is Delighted That ‘Slick TV Doctor’ Dr. Oz Lost To A Guy Who ‘Dresses Like Bill Belichick On Game Day’

Like millions of other Americans, all Jimmy Kimmel wanted to talk about on Wednesday night was the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections — at least the results that we officially know. From what Lauren Boebert might do if she’s ousted from office (Kimmel’s bets are on “Fox News correspondent, bathroom attendant at a Cracker Barrel, or mannequin at a local Bass Pro Shop”) to the gift that we’ve been given by getting one more month of Herschel Walker talking absolute nonsense, Kimmel weighed in on the country’s biggest races.

But in Kimmel’s opinion, there was no bigger battle — or upset — than the one between TV quack Dr. Oz and Braddock badass John Fetterman. As Jimmy explained:

One of the biggest wins for Democrats was in Pennsylvania, where John Fetterman beat Dr. Oz. And you have to love the fact that the slick TV doctor lost to a guy who dresses like Bill Belichick on Game Day… But on the bright side, Dr. Oz can now go back to doing what he does best, which is analyzing the shape and color of our stool.

Kimmel is pretty sure that Oprah Winfrey — who is essentially the Dr. Frankenstein who created Dr. Oz, yet endorsed Fetterman in a last-minute surprise — is the Lady Olenna Tyrell of the 2022 midterms. The late-night host imagines his daytime counterpart “right now is sitting at home, cackling like a Game of Thrones villain: ‘Tell Mehmet I want him to know it was me.’”

If Dr. Oz had any plans to nurse his wounds in Palm Beach, Kimmel says he might want to think twice about reserving any tee time at Mar-a-Lago. “Trump is said to be livid after Dr. Oz lost,” according to Kimmel. “He was reportedly screaming at everyone when the numbers came in. He was really mad. They say the last time Trump was this disappointed was when Eric was born.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 5:50 mark.