Seann William Scott Explains How ‘Lethal Weapon’ Will Move On From Clayne Crawford


Following Clayne Crawford’s ouster from the series, Lethal Weapon is teaming Damon Wayans with Seann William Scott. Murtaugh and Cole isn’t as catchy as Murtaugh and Riggs, but it was necessary after Crawford, who had a behind-the-scenes reputation as an “emotional terrorist,” reportedly made life miserable for his co-stars and the crew (he’s since called the accusations “blatant f*cking lies”). The hit show must go on, though, and Riggs’ abrupt absence will be explained during Lethal Weapon‘s season three premiere on September 25.

“I think a lot of fans may be upset they’re not going to see Riggs,” the American Pie star told EW. “I really believe they’re going to watch this and feel like we handled it in a way that is really respectful to the character and what he meant to the show.” Scott added that he couldn’t straight-up replace Riggs (think: Becky and Second Becky on Roseanne) because “I had seen that on a soap opera or something and I was like, dude!” Where’s his car, and his Riggs.

Lethal Weapon executive producer Matthew Miller described Williams’ character, ex-CIA agent Wesley Cole, as a “loose cannon” and added that they “needed to replace the engine of Riggs without betraying the dynamic that people have come to love about the show.” He might be a loose cannon who plays by his own rules, but dammit, he’s the best we’ve got. No, YOU’RE out of order.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)