The ‘Lethal Weapon’ Feud Between Damon Wayans And Clayne Crawford Was Even Nastier Than You Thought


Lethal Weapon went from being one movie, to a four-film franchise (with a fifth potentially on the way), to a television show, to the most fraught-with-drama show on television. What a long, strange journey it’s been, and it got even stranger when Variety released new details about Clayne Crawford’s “on-set incidents.” To recap: after the former Rectify actor was fired from the hit Fox series for his “hostile behavior,” co-star Damon Wayans revealed he was injured during an episode directed by Crawford, who had a behind-the-scenes reputation as being an “emotional terrorist.” Variety discovered, in graphic detail, the extent of how much the buddy cops were, well, not buddies:

Crawford: “You know, I’ve seen [name deleted] handle hits better than you did yesterday.”
Wayans: “Suck my d*ck.”
Crawford: “You know, that was the biggest p*ssy move I think I’ve ever seen.”
Wayans: “Yeah, I’m a p*ssy.”
Crawford: “A p*ssy. You’re the biggest crybaby p*ssy I’ve ever met in my life.”
Wayans: “Well suck this p*ssy’s d*ck.”
Crawford: “I mean, how does it feel to only be in the game because your f*cking brothers are in the game?”
Wayans: “F*ck you. F*ck you.”

In an another incident, Crawford grew upset by the noise at a nearby public pool during filming and yelled, “Shut the f*ck up! Goddamnit Newman, f*cking they’re right here! Get somebody in here with a f*cking walkie and shut ’em the f*ck up! Or did we not pay for this f*cking place? If we did, shut ’em the f*ck up!”

The people making the noise were kids. Also, this happened:

Crawford [went] to Wayans’ trailer to speak with him. On the way, he encountered Wayans’ assistant, and the two exchanged profanities. A crew member on-hand attempted to separate the two men. Wayans exited his trailer and joined the fray, as did executive producer Matthew Miller. Studio security was called and broke up the encounter. Wayans left the set, and production shut down for the day.

Seann William Scott has since replaced Crawford for season three.

(Via Variety)