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What’s that? You’d like to see a chimpanzee on rollerskates drinking Jack Daniel’s with Lynyrd Skynyrd? Thy will be done. [Waxin’ and Milkin’]

‘Who the hell is Wolf?’ I promised no more Balloon Boy posts, so this goes in the links: little Falcon Heene, annoying though he may be, can at least provide a good quote. [Asylum]

Marge Simpson in Playboy. The pictures are actually kinda hot — if you’re the kind of pervert who masturbates to cartoon. (Which I am.) [Holy Moly]

This will totally become an episode of ‘CSI’: An Australian man was arrested for robbery after his DNA was identified in a leech that fell off his body at the scene of the crime. Key quote: “They tied her to a chair, poked her with sticks, and robbed her of $504 (AUS $550), authorities said.”  [CNN via this handsome fellow’s Twitter]

John Stamos: ‘Whatever, I was drunk.’ Stamos admits he was drunk in this YouTube classic. [Us]

New episodes of ‘Arrested Development’! Just kidding. But IFC has acquired the right to re-air the series. [B&C]

Credit where it’s due. I do what I can to fight against recaps of television episodes, but I admit that this “Mad Men” recap is outstanding in its own right. I liked the part where I didn’t have to read much. [Best Week Ever]

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