Someone Posted ‘Making A Murderer’ Help Wanted Signs To Troll The Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department

The response to Making A Murderer has likely been the biggest story of the new year so far. The series premiered on Netflix a little before the holidays and became a must see point of discussion for people, much like the first season of Serial. The show has bred many theories and cries for Steven Avery’s release, with an official White House response to a petition. But what has also come is a backlash against the officials and law enforcement involved in the case.

Jason Saenz, the comedian who posted signs searching for interest in True Detective season 2, has entered the ring with his own response to Making A Murderer. Using his SaenzSigns account, Jason posted two pro-Avery posters on the Sunset Strip, both attacking the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department:

The best part is that many people have actually called the number in the “Now Hiring” poster, leaving voice messages that are both in on and oblivious to the joke. TMZ collected some of the voicemails during a short chat with Saenz. If anything, the renewed interest in the Avery case seems to have unofficially opened the case for many. It just remains to be seen if this will actually help Steven Avery get a new trial or if we will find some sort of final closure in the Teresa Halbach.

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(Via Saenzsigns / TMZ)