Meet The NYC Comedian Taking The Piss Out Of ‘True Detective’ Season Two

New York City-based comedian Jason Saenz isn’t that big a fan of True Detective‘s second season on HBO. Despite some pretty damn good ratings for HBO, as well as not too few defenses launched by series diehards, many viewers have also unleashed an unrepentant stream of abuse at the sophomore season. This includes Saenz, who took to the streets of NYC (and his Instagram account) to let his voice be heard.

Saenz published the above photo two weeks ago, and it gradually went viral. The sign itself playfully reads:

“LOST: INTEREST. If you have any info as to WTF is happening this season, please call: 910-337-2369.”

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Saenz to ask about the sign, and whether or not the number it lists is real:

The gag, which went viral, was the handiwork of New York-based comedian Jason Saenz. “This definitely hit a chord,” Saenz tells THR. “I think a lot of people are disappointed with this season.”

The sign, part of a bigger Instagram project called #SaenzSigns, was affixed to a lamp post at 13th Street and 8th Avenue in New York’s Chelsea. As for the number, it “goes to a dead line, which is symbolic of the current state of the show.”

Saenz explains that he “was such a fan of the first season,” and that he wants “this season to be just as good, too.”

According to THR, no one involved in True Detective‘s second season has responded to the sign, nor the fact that it went viral. Then again, considering the meme’s rapid success (and the latest episode’s weird Eyes Wide Shut/Masters of Sex vibe), that’s not really all that surprising.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)