Donnie Wahlberg Wrote A ‘Making A Murderer’ Editorial And It’s A Doozy

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01.08.16 50 Comments


New Kids On the Block singer and Wahlburgers star Donnie Wahlberg has penned an editorial about Making A Murderer for the Chicago Sun-Times. What a genius idea, right? And hoo boy, is it ever a doozy. The format, “how this one thing you’ve heard of is actually a lot like this other thing you’ve heard of,” has been a mainstay of hot take columns for years. The only difference these days is that we’re outsourcing them to celebrities. First it was Josh Gad comparing the legacies of Mike Nichols and Bill Cosby (spoiler alert: one was tarnished). Today, it’s D-Wahl, comparing Steven Avery to… O.J. Simpson.

Whaaat!? But how are those people the same? The answer may shock you! Donnie Wahlberg brings it on home, with a mastery of both comparison and logic.

Like most of America, I did some binge watching of “Making a Murderer” this weekend. And, like most Americans, I followed that up with some binge reading, thinking and debating about it (mostly debating).

At first I was like, “wait, most Americans are binge reading? That doesn’t sound like us.” Then I realized, “Oh wait, he means blogs.”

But, unlike most Americans…

Donnie Wahlberg is just like you… until he’s not. DUNT DUNT DUNNNN…

I can’t help but be surprised by almost every reasonable person’s knee-jerk rush to judgment — in response to the police’s alleged rush to judgment — in the Steven Avery case. The public’s intense passion surrounding this case has an all-too-familiar feeling, but with a very unfamiliar, and rather ironic, public outcry. Let me explain …

Yes, Donnie, go on. If anyone is qualified to unpack Donnie Wahlberg’s clunky sentences, it’s Donnie Wahlberg.

Wahlberg then goes on to outline some of the Avery case.

If you assume this sounds like a quick rundown of the facts in the Steven Avery murder case, featured in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” you would be correct.


It is also a quick rundown of the facts in the O.J. Simpson murder case.

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