Mila Kunis Calls ‘BS’ On Her ‘That ’90s Show’ Character Being Married To Ashton Kutcher’s Character

Mila Kunis is out promoting for her new Netflix movie, Luckiest Girl Alive, but she’s also dropping some details about That ’70s Show spinoff that reunites (most) of the old cast. However, working on That ’90s Show meant Kunis would have to act alongside her real-life husband Ashton Kutcher, and to her surprise, their characters (Jackie and Kelso) are now married on the show, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense to Kunis.

As fans of the Fox sitcom know, Jackie and Kelso broke up, sending her into the arms of Danny Masterson’s Hyde and then later Wilmer Valderrama’s Fez. Obviously, Masterson isn’t returning for the show and will stand trial on sexual assault allegations. However, Valderrama will be there, and Kunis admitted to Access Hollywood that she doesn’t get why Fez and Jackie aren’t together.

Via The A.V. Club:

“You know what, I called BS. I was like, ‘My character would be with Fez.’ I think that I ended up with Wilmer’s character. And I was like, ‘Why are you and I together?’ And also, he was married when ’70’s ended to Shannon Elizabeth’s character, I think.” (Elizabeth played Brooke, the mother of Kelso’s child, for whom Kelso moved to Chicago at the end of the series.) “And now we’re like, 20 years—no, 16 years later, whatever it is, and now we’re married with a kid. And I was like, ‘I don’t know about this one,’” Kunis concludes skeptically.

On top of being forced to stay married to Kutcher on the show, Kunis had one more issue: “My kid in it is too damn old,” she laughingly told Access Hollywood. “I would not birth such a child at my age!”

(Via Access Hollywood)