Mila Kunis Impressed ‘That ’90s Show’ Actor Reyn Doi By Checking In On The Cast And Their Parents During Filming

That ’90s Show is a charming little reboot that features both new and familiar faces throughout its debut season, including A-list actors like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, along with a new gang of mischievous teens.

One of the teens is Ryan Doi, who portrays Ozzie, the friend with deadpan delivery who hangs in the Foreman basement before coming out as gay to Kitty. But one moment on set stuck out in particular to Doi, who didn’t realize that he would be meeting Kunis while working.

Doi told ET Canada about the exhilarating moment. “When we were filming the pilot, Mila was, you know, going from door to door, just kind of checking in on everyone,” the actor explained. “I think she was asking the [actors’] moms questions or something like that.” Checking in on people is pretty much the opposite of her vapid character Jackie. But while on set, Kunis had a run-in with Doi’s mother, who seemed star-struck.

He continued, “I heard a knock, [but assumed it was] someone getting me to go to set. And so my mom answered the door because she went in the room and all of a sudden [I heard a] scream from across the hall,” he recalled. “It was my mom, because she was so starstruck that Mila was like, in front of her. We knew Mila was there, but we never knew who was going to come to our dressing room.” Doi then went over the meet Kunis, who starred in the pilot episode for a brief cameo. “And then I went over across the hall, and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Mila.'”

The young actor said that watching all of the veteran actors on set helped him hone in on his own craft. “Even if we didn’t have a scene with them, being able to watch them perform, it was really, you know, it adds some knowledge to you.” The teens can use said knowledge in the longer second season that was ordered by Netflix!

(Via ET Canada)