How Did Jackie And Kelso End Up Together On ‘That ’90s Show’?

Considering the fact that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been together for over a decade, it’s easy to forget that their characters in That ’70s Show didn’t actually end up together. It’s also easy to forget that because the last season was more or less a fever dream that didn’t have Eric in it anyway, so who knows if it really counts?

But the duo and their on-screen counterparts Jackie and Kelso dated on and off for most of the original sitcom’s eight-season run, and thanks to the fact that they are always doing weird stuff together, it’s normal to assume that it’s just always been this way, both in real life and on the screen. But That ’90s Show gives us a little bit of insight into what really went down with Jackie and Kelso’s relationship, and how they ended up together in the future.

When That ’70s Show ended, Jackie was dating Fez in one of those “jump the shark” sitcom moments. As Fez explains in the new spinoff, the two broke up after Fez realized that Jackie still had feelings for Kelso when he found out they were having secret phone conversations. Things turned out okay for Fez, who owns a hair salon in the reboot and dates the Forman’s neighbor.

As for Jackie and Kelso, they went on to have a son, Jay, who is Leia’s main love interest in the new Netflix series. But Kunis doesn’t think that would have really happened if she had her way. She previously said that she thought Jackie and Fez would have stayed together. “You know what, I called B.S. I think that I ended up with Wilmer’s character,” she told Access Hollywood last year. That clearly didn’t happen, but there’s always a potential second season to change that!

(Via Entertainment Weekly)