Naomi Watts Is ‘Not Allowed To Say’ What Happened With Her Scrapped ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series

The first of HBO’s presumably many Game of Thrones spin-offs was originally going to be a prequel set thousands of years before Stannis corrected Davos on his grammar, chronicling “the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour.” But last year, the network announced that The Long Night, as author George R.R. Martin wanted it called, would “not be advancing to series.” It’s unclear why the series didn’t make it past a pilot order, as no one involved, including star Naomi Watts, is blabbing.

“I can’t say anything,” the Mulholland Drive actress told Collider when asked about the prequel. “It’s funny because I have an Instagram account and I found something in my memories, pictures that come up, and it was when I was there in costume and I was like ‘Oh! This would be fun to post!’ And I was like ‘No! I can’t do that I’ll get into so much trouble!’ Just the costume, you know? I wasn’t thinking about what I was wearing. It was what I was doing.” She added, “But anyway. Not allowed to say.”

Considering we still haven’t seen the original “piece of sh*t” Thrones pilot, which was shot a decade ago, I expect we’ll never know what happened with the Watts-led series. Oh well. At least we still have House of Dragons (and Watts in The Book of Henry).

(Via Collider)