Norman Reedus Made A Bold Claim About ‘Daryl Dixon’ Season 2 And Tossed Out A Seasons 3 And 4 Tidbit Because Why Not

Of course many actors promote their projects by claiming that “the best ever” season or movie sequel is in the cards. Yet when Norman Reedus utters that sentiment? Believable. The dude simply has a passion for the projects that he chooses, and that authenticity shows. Currently, Keanu Reeves’ best bike buddy and the man who has embodied Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead shows for over a decade is promoting The Bikeriders, in which he looks very different than his usual grunge-out-of-necessity appearance on TV.

Naturally, the subject of the Daryl Dixon spin off arose because fans are enthralled with the prospect of Carol and Daryl reuniting and enjoying some time in France while fighting glam walkers. During an interview with Radio Times, Reedus was happy to indulge his bread and butter with a bold claim:

“Season 2 is phenomenal. Season 1 was fun, but Season 2 is, like, mind-blowing. The finale of Season 2, the last episode, is the best one-hour of ‘Walking Dead’ television ever, like ever, in everything.”

Also, would you like a tiny tease of Season 3 and maybe even Season 4? Of course: “And we’re about to start Seasons 3 and possible 4, possibly 4 in Spain.” In the below clip, he then wondered if he should have shared that before deciding what’s done is done.

It’s not much info, but it’s something, and thankfully, there’s a whole lot of Norman Reedus in our futures. Not only is The Walking Dead still undead, but The Bikeriders is now out in theaters, and for some reason, those Boondocks Saints are still gearing up for a third round. What I’d really like to know, however, is whether Carol finds the Nest on her own, or if Daryl leads her there, and they share potato duties. These are the important details, man.