Norman Reedus Reveals How He Met Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiast Keanu Reeves At A Stop Light

If there is one thing Norman Reedus loves, it’s motorcycles. If there are two things that Norman Reedus loves, it’s motorcycles and hyping up Keanu Reeves, and luckily, he has gotten to do both over the years. Sometimes at the same time!

Reedus appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the concept of Reeves came up, as it often does. Kimmel asked the actor how he met Keanu, when he revealed that they met in the most cosmic way: at a red light.

“I originally met Keanu at a red light. It was like ‘Hey!’ ‘Hey!'” He started. What else are you going to say to someone at a stoplight, after all. After the two met, Reedus really wanted him on his motorcycle docuseries, Ride With Norman Reedus.

“Then I tried to get him on Ride, obviously, because he’s a big bike guy,” Reedus began. He explained, “But I was up at the top of Mount Fuji during a snow storm and I rode up there with two bald monks on Harleys. And I’m calling Keanu from the top of the mountain and I’m like, ‘Can you hear me? It’s Norman,'” he said, mimicking a missed connection. Reportedly the service is quite spotty up there. “And then I was like ‘It’s not meant to happen, I’ll try next year!’

Eventually, he gave up, but the two did finally get a proper hang-out: “Finally I had him on the show we did the desert together.

Reedus is also joining the John Wick universe by appearing in the spinoff, Ballerina. It turned out to be a lot harder than a scenic bike ride.

“I know Keanu, and my hat’s off to him because it’s a very physical, full-on, I-need-a-bottle-of-Advil-all-day-long type of job,” Reedus recently told Collider. “But it’s fun. It’s super fun,” he admitted.

Maybe one day Keanu and Norman can do a normal friend activity, like grabbing a coffee or going out to dinner or throwing around a football. There doesn’t always have to be intense action sequences going on!

Check out the interview above.