03.25.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Hey America, do you love dancing shows, but wish they were tailored to an older, dumber audience? Well, good news! CBS is gonna have a dancing competition!

The network is partnering with Reveille to bring U.K. hit “Got to Dance” to the States. The competition series is billed as the first all-ages all-genres dance series.

Take that, 18-30 age restriction on “So You Think You Can Dance”! That’s the kind of subtle difference that makes “The X Factor” essentially the same show as “Pop Idol”!

The network has yet to select “Got to Dance” judges, but CBS has expressed some interest in a certain choreographer-turned-reality TV star for the gig — Paula Abdul. The former “American Idol” judge continues to be courted for a range of TV projects, recently ruling out a return to TV on ABC’s “Star Search” reboot.

Ooohhh, I’ve got my fingers crossed! After Paula re-establishes herself as a pill-addled mess, maybe she and Mary Murphy can join forces for a new show, “America’s Most Barely Conscious Reality Show Judge.” Or they can just call it “The Slur-Off.”

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