The ‘Killing Eve’ Finale Has Left Some Fans So Furious That They Dubbed It ‘The New Game Of Thrones’

(Spoilers for Killing Eve will be found below.)

Killing Eve felt practically incandescent for its first two seasons. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer carried their chemistry into the stratosphere, and the third season lost some momentum but still hypnotized loyal fans. Season 4 grew even stranger than usual and clearly meant to set up the future of the franchise, and yup, that is what the closing episode has done, although the means to the end felt, well, like a middle finger to an iconic character. Naturally, viewers are airing their thoughts on that note.

It sure seems the finale episode’s title, “Hello, Losers,” feels personal to many who’ve followed the cat-and-mouse reversals over the years. The final moments set up the spinoff, which will revolve around a younger version of Carolyn Martens, the MI6 officer (and head of Russia’s desk), who went HAM in the Season 3 finale by killing Paul. And after a final season full of Carolyn seeking vengeance for the killing of Kenny (those bastards), she made the call to take out Villanelle. And that might create some Carolyn intrigue, so people would tune into a prequel about her early life. Or it could backfire.

Although I did dig the first half of the season, let’s just say that I was crushed that the show offed Konstantin (who did some wonderful dancing) in the penultimate episode. And yup, it’s an awfully curious decision to finally allow Eve and Villanelle to feel real happiness right before one of them literally dies and the other one will likely never recover. So, uh, the title of the show, Killing Eve, is feeling metaphorical right about now.

First, let’s enjoy those brief moments of happiness again.

And here comes the anger, with viewers calling out showrunner Laura Neal, who finished what Phoebe Waller Bridge began. Let’s just say that “the new Game of Thrones” and “they Dextered Villanelle” are some of the leading complaints, and those extra kill shots in the water are being called out as “cruel and unnecessary.”

RIP, Villanelle. You shall be missed.

The ‘Killing Eve’ finale is currently streaming on AMC+.