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There are many things to love about “Saved by the Bell” in the way it captured the unique crappiness of the early ’90s. Zack Morris’s gigantic cell phone. The brightly colored clothes. Kelly Kapowski’s power bangs. The way Dustin Diamond’s Screech made Steve Urkel look like a carefully crafted Shakespearean character. But there’s little argument that the episode where Jesse gets hooked on caffeine pills is the apex of the series. Her rendition of “I’m So Excited” as she melts down in front of Zack is a flash of the dramatic genius that would later make Showgirls a timeless classic (and make me believe that the female orgasm involved flopping around in a pool like a dolphin caught in a tuna net).

Anyway, that brings us to the video above. It could be edited down a bit more, but it’s still a worthy tribute to this bastion of the mindless entertainment gruel that we all so loved back then. Man, the ’90s. What a crazy time. It was actually okay to have frizzy hair.

(via the duty)

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