Seth Rogen Could Have Been Turtle in ‘Entourage’?

06.24.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

Jerry Ferrara shown actual size

There’s been some well-documented animosity between Seth Rogen and “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin. Last summer, Ellin included some digs at the Knocked Up star (the bros claim an ugly guy like Rogen couldn’t land a woman who looks like Katherine Heigl), and Rogen responded by calling Ellin an unfunny assh*le. Ellin didn’t respond at the time, but with “Entourage’s” seventh season premiering soon, it’s more advantageous to re-start the controversy:

“I’m a fan of Rogen’s,” Ellin says. “I had seen him in Undeclared, and I said to our casting director, ‘There’s a Midwestern kind of guy who I think would be funny for this show.’ But then we found Jerry [Ferrara, who plays Turtle], so we went that way.” […]

Ellin now acknowledges the storyline was payback [for calling “Entourage” unfunny]. “If he’s going to say the show sucks, I’m going to say he’s ugly.” [TV Guide via MovieLine]

Okay, there’s actually a lot to pick apart here. Let’s break out the numerals.

  1. There’s no evidence of Rogen ever auditioning for Turtle, so for Ellin to just say “We considered Rogen for this part, but gave it to someone else” comes off as typical  Hollywood bullsh*t. It creates a false impression that Rogen’s bitter because he didn’t get the role of Turtle. Um, did Rogen even KNOW he was being considered for that role? I doubt it, because it’s probably a lie.
  2. Ellin sounds relieved to have cast Jerry Ferrara instead of Rogen. Like, “thank God we got this guy who’s happy to do this forever instead of a guy who became a big movie star.”
  3. Keep in mind that Turtle is the character who mused about Rogen’s ugliness and ability to attract beautiful women — the very same season that Turtle dated Jamie-Lynn Sigler (on the show and in real life). So the character that could have been played by Rogen dated a beautiful woman but thinks that Rogen couldn’t date a beautiful woman. Solid argument, Doug.
  4. Oooh, you’re gonna keep calling Rogen ugly? Harsh words from the 5th grade playground.

In conclusion, Doug Ellin looks like this:

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