A ‘Severance’ Fan Found A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Line That Sums Up The The Apple TV+ Show Shockingly Well

There are some obvious similarities between every workplace show, even if said shows are in different genres, because there is nothing more unifying than distress under capitalism. Shows like The Office and Superstore show all the highs and lows and very low lows that can happen in the workplace, which is why Severance is a refreshing look at what it means to have a “work/life balance.” It’s obviously not very easy, since they have to use controversial technology and sketchy tactics. And goats.

While we all anxiously await any news about season 2, on Reddit, several Severance fans have pointed out a scene from Parks and Recreation that eerily predicts the entire concept of Severance, which is to sever your working self from your non-working self (innies and outies, of course). To make matters weirder, the idea was brought up by none other than Adam Scott‘s character Ben Wyatt. What did he know all the way back in 2015???

In the scene, Ben Wyatt seemingly invents the concept of Lumen technology in order to keep his work life separate from his home life with Leslie. When you look at it through a comedic lens, it’s a lot less terrifying.

“Look, now that we’re working together again, maybe it would be good to keep our home life and out work life separate,” Scott’s character explained. “Like we only talk about work stuff when we are at city hall. Like a firewall system,” he added. Though Ben’s idea didn’t pan out, he did eventually become a higher up in the U.S. government, which is exactly where these top-secret ideas begin. Who says he didn’t invent the technology just to leave behind his troubled past?

That’s not the only Parks and Rec concept that Severance has borrowed: an office-wide waffle party would surely be Leslie Knope’s idea.