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Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, FX’s “30 Days”) has been hired to produce and direct “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice,” which will air on Fox next January.  It will examine the global phenomenon of “The Simpsons,” and don’t worry — the 3-D/on ice thing is just a clever title.

Spurlock will examine the cultural phenomenon of THE SIMPSONS in his distinctive and innovative style. The special will document how the world sees THE SIMPSONS and how the Simpson family has seen the world for two decades. [press release]

Spurlock: We begin physical production at [San Diego] Comic-Con, which will be out first shoot.  We’re off to look for real-life Simpsons fanatics… We’re primarily talking to the cast, to the fans, to people around the world — the approach that we’re taking is that this is a show that’s become a global phenomenon. We really want to examine how “The Simpsons” sees the world and how the world now sees the Simpsons –  from stories like actual scientists who have created tomacco, to just people who have had Simpsons weddings. [interview in the WSJ]

It sounds good to me, but I might be kind of biased.  “Wow!  A documentary about people who like the same things I like?  Sign me up!”  I mean, I would watch a two-hour documentary about dick jokes.  Comedians could come on camera and talk about why dicks are funny and maybe even tell their favorite dick jokes.  I’ll pay for that in advance.  Here ya go, here’s my ten dollars. Make it a down payment on production.

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